Your partner in British Dutch Business

The Chamber's Fora provide the vital intelligence the Chamber needs to best represent the British-Dutch business community. By drawing on the experience of its Fora - and its membership at large - the Chamber has been able to render a unique service to the British-Netherlands business community in giving guidance in key areas such as sustainability, technological innovation and diversity & inclusion, and in bringing the concerns of its members to the attention of appropriate bodies on both sides of the North Sea. Composed of experts in their field, these fora:

  • Monitor issues that may affect British-Dutch business relations and member companies;
  • Initiate and prepare positions on these issues as necessary;
  • Inform the membership of developments through seminars and publications.

More than 90 committed individuals from the membership serve the Chamber and its membership by their Forum and Board activities. 

Current Fora:

NBCC North Sea Neighbours Forum

NBCC Economic Relationship Forum

NBCC Investment Climate Forum

NBCC Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Forum

NBCC Tech AI Forum

NBCC Health Care Forum

NBCC Sustainability Forum

NBCC Stronger Together Forum