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The Sustainability Forum acts as an advocate for sustainability and seeks to support NBCC member companies in their ambitions to drive sustainability in their businesses that leverage the full potential of their organizations, ultimately contributing to achieving the 17 SDGs.


  • Raise awareness and shape political and industry agendas;
  • Promote sustainable business models and practices at our member companies to drive sustainability through spreading information and knowledge and the sharing of best practices;
  • To inspire action for meeting the challenge of climate change and implementing the 17 SDGs;
  • Advocacy - Identify and address the broader opportunities that could increase sustainability in companies;
  • Further improve the sustainability agenda across the Chamber.


Wineke Haagsma
Director Corporate Sustainability

Coca-Cola European Partners
Joe Franses
VP Sustainability

Tony's Chocolonely
Ben Greensmith
UK and Ireland Country Manager

Annick Boyen
VP Communications Global Markets and External Affairs EU

Lyne Biewinga
Executive Director Membership

Eleanor Sutton
Client Director

Van Oord
Sander Dekker
Programme director Climate Adaptation

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