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The mission of the NBCC Stronger Together Forum is leveraging the strong ties between our two nations and promoting bilateral partnership in the changing context: companies can achieve more than one alone.This can be in the area of mergers & acquisitions, market entry, partners that created jobs in NL or other way around. New or unusual type of collaboration / business partnership (from partners that have not previously worked together, like different industries, different countries, new mix of science and technology etc).


  • Strengthen bilateral relationship and promote a culture of partnership;
  • Raise awareness and shape political and industry agendas with a new level of partnership by governments, companies and investors;
  • Promote partnership best practices at our member companies to drive the strength of relationships in both UK and NL through spreading information and knowledge and the sharing of best practices;
  • To inspire action for in building partnership business culture in member companies;
  • Advocacy - Identify and address the broader opportunities that could increase cooperation with and between companies;
  • Further improve the Stronger Together agenda across the Chamber.

Members / Jury NBCC Stronger Together Award 2021

Akzo Nobel
Jesse Martens

Astra Zeneca
Ad Antonisse

Leon Pepper

Huib van Heumen

Diederik Van Wassenaer
Global Head Regulatory & International Affairs

Lyne Biewinga
Executive Director Membership

Royal Schiphol Group
Joeri Strijtveen

VNO-NCW - MKB- Nederland
Gieneke Talsma
Secretaris Internationaal Ondernemen

Volker FitzPatrick
Ceri Humphrey

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