Your partner in British Dutch Business

Looking for a smooth transition from the UK to The Netherlands? Finding the right temporary accommodation - for short or long stay – is likely to be the first step towards successful relocation. Corporate Housing Factory (CHF) and its sister label (SA), which serves as a bookings-platform, offer serviced apartments throughout The Netherlands, from Amsterdam through Zwolle. 

Its serviced apartments are the perfect choice for corporate clients seeking a safe and smooth first landing for their employees. Think about it as a one-stop shop spanning coverage throughout 20+ Dutch cities and more than 5000 handpicked apartments in its combined portfolio, whether run by CHF or one of its trusted, licensed partners. These two labels together form the main point of contact for multinational companies with a base, or future base, in The Netherlands.

The spacious serviced apartments provide an attractively furnished space that feels like home bringing with it all the conveniences and utilities you or your employees deserve including a personal welcome, a fully equipped kitchen, high-speed Internet, private parking (if needed) and weekly cleaning. The option of municipal registration at the address is also a key reason why it’s worth staying in a serviced apartment as it can mark the first step of becoming a resident of The Netherlands. Get in touch through Corporate Housing Factory or and tell us your housing needs!