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Key conclusions – 90 Days of Brexit

Brexit Impact

• General negative impact of Brexit (63% (NL=64% / UK 63%):
o 80% businesses in the goods sector have experienced negative impacts. (NL=80% /UK=80%).
o Less apparent in the service sector where 47% reported negative results. (NL=45% /UK=50%).

• Top four negative aspects:
o Additional costs and reduced revenue: 71% (NL=70% / UK=72%).
o Bureaucracy:63%(NL=54%/UK=84%).
o Delayed shipments 59% (NL=67% / UK=44%).
o In the service sector, there has also been a negative impact on the cross-border movement of people: 47% (NL=33% / UK=55%).

• 40% of the businesses have seen a reduction in revenues:
o 10% expect that they have written off more than EUR 100,000 (NL=11%/UK=8%).
o 15% expect that they have written of fbetween EUR 10,000–100,000 (NL=17%/UK= 12%).
o 9% expect that they have written offl ess than EUR10,000 (NL=6%/UK=16%).

Businesses are adapting

  • Just over a quarter (26%) of Dutch businesses have already or will open a UK office as a result of Brexit.

  • 45% of British businesses have or will, as a result of Brexit, open an office in mainland Europe.

o Most important reasons include:
▪ Reducing Brexit related bureaucracy (61%) and increased speed of market access (33%).


  • 70% of UK businesses say that they wish to grow in the Netherlands and 69% of Dutch businesses plan to grow in the UK.

  • In the goods sector these are the top 4 points for improvement:
    o Less paperwork and more digitalisation for the border formalities (62%) o Faster customs procedures in the UK (60%)
    o Faster entry for perishables (40%)
    o More customs agents in the UK (40%)
    o Increased capacity for inspections in the UK (35%)

  • In the service sector, these are the top 5 points for improvement: 
    o Less paperwork and more digitalisation (39%)
    o Simplified rules for business travel (37%)
    o Recognition of professional qualifications (34%)
    o Faster customs procedures in the UK (34%)
    o Simplified rules for migration and visas (31%)