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The Netherlands: your next step in business!

The Netherlands, also known as the “gateway to Europe,” is one of the most competitive economies in Europe and one of the best countries for business investment in the world. With just over 17 million inhabitants, the country is small but full of innovation. The Netherlands has a lot going for it including a great location, excellent connections to continental Europe, and a highly educated and skilled workforce which combined make the Netherlands an attractive place for business.

The Netherlands is strategically located in continental Europe with access to 170 million consumers within 500 km and 244 million consumers within 1,000 km. This means that major European economies like Germany, the United Kingdom, France, are all within a day’s reach. In addition to physical connectivity, the Netherlands is a frontrunner and has the highest broadband penetration per capita in the world. Add to that the Netherlands’ stable and pro-business political climate and it is no wonder why it is known as an ideal base for companies looking to expand into Europe.

The country ranks high in the league of successful exporting nations with over 60% of the GDP generated by international trade.

Collaboration is in the Dutch DNA. The Dutch take a unique approach to collaboration, involving participation from businesses, knowledge institutions, government, and citizens. Together, they create a dynamic location where foreign companies can also innovate and excel. According to a number of leading indicators the Netherlands is in the world’s top five countries for innovation.

In addition, companies seeking an English-speaking workforce will come to the right place if they decide to land in the Netherlands. 90% of the Dutch population is fluent in English and a higher percentage speaks German and French as a non-native language than their counterparts elsewhere in European.

The highly regarded Dutch education system and a superb quality of life further add to the attraction of the country as a place to do business.


Our offer

The Netherlands-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) is the foremost private and independent organisation offering support to companies in the UK looking to expand their business to continental Europe via the Netherlands. We are there to offer help on any of the following:

  •          Company formations
  •          Advice on accommodation and professional services
  •          Virtual Office Services and company representation
  •          Market research
  •          Partner searches
  •          Payroll management

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