Your partner in British Dutch Business

Company Name: Van den Berk Nurseries
Name: Pieter van den Berk 
Job Title: Managing Director
Company type: Tree Nursery
Company size: 450ha/100 people
To which countries do you export: 34 countries in Europe and nearby Asia, most of the turnover in the Netherlands and its surrounding countries

  1. How did you start? What was your first step? Was it difficult? 

About 30 years ago, first by local employees, then sales agents now with an employee again for the sales in the UK, market entry was not so difficult, getting a reasonable turnover was.

  1. What are the risks and chances of conducting business abroad? 

Market entry, phytosanitary requirements, exchange rates, sales employees on a distance.

  1. Did you have help, if so, how did you find it? 

No, we did most of the things on our own, recently we have had help from NBCC with the creation of our UK ltd.

  1. How did you build your network abroad?

Personal acquisition, sales exhibitions and sponsorships of awards.

  1. What kind of local support did you need in the country/city to successfully conduct business? 

A local accountant and solicitor.

  1. How did you get in touch with the NBCC? 

Through the Dutch flower group.

  1. How was the NBCC able to support you in conducting business with/in the UK?

By helping out with a real estate agent and solicitor as well as advice in opening a bank account for our ltd.

  1. What tips do you have for entrepreneurs who are considering doing business with/in the UK?  

First look very well at the uncertainties in the event of Brexit and phytosanitary requirements and finding a way to find the right people to work for you. We benefited much from joining the NBCC.