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On Wednesday 24th October, over 100 participants attended the NBCC & NIBC Celebrating Connections Lunch, marking the State Visit of Their Majesties the King and Queen of The Netherlands.

The objective of this event was to inspire us all for ‘Winning Strategies for Anglo-Dutch in a World of Change.’ The aim was therefore to improve our understanding of the relationship between humans and technology so that we may more fully utilise our available resources and work as effectively as possible, both together and separately.

During the event Esther van Laarhoven from EY explained the conclusions from a recent study commissioned by Microsoft, showing the golden rules for AI – an example of a technology with a crucial role for the human aspect of it, since good ethical principles are key for successful AI Implementation. Then Leentje Chavatte, from Microsoft, gave examples of successful and unsuccessful implementations of AI initiatives. The last speaker, Marc Lammers, a golden Olympic field hockey coach and coach of the Nuon Solar Team, showed how both technology and people played a crucial role in their victory in the recent Sasol Solar Challenge 2018 as well as in their previous victories.  

The event was moderated throughout by Kate Parry, who, in her introduction, also highlighted key principles for successful innovation based on her years of experience as Director of Happen, an Innovation Agency striving to improve innovation success rates for businesses both small and large.

The presentations, as well as the opportunity for attendees to have their questions answered in the Q&A, provided many new insights and practical advice from the expert speakers. Moreover, having not only tech professionals, but also an expert in teamwork (Marc Lammers) meant that the afternoon was filled with different perspectives.

The lunch was the perfect setting for members and non-members alike to network and to be inspired by the rigorous exchange of ideas. This event was organized by the Netherlands-British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) in partnership with NIBC Bank.