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The Health Care Forum represents the innovative UK health care industry in the Netherlands. As an industry, the healthcare companies make a substantial contribution to employment, education and research in Dutch society.


The Health Care Forum seeks to engage and foster dialogue with key decision-makers to ensure a favorable environment and policies that will enhance and recognize healthcare innovation in a sustainable way.


The Health Care Forum wants to be recognized for the intrinsic added value of the innovations the health care industry brings to the health and economic welfare of the Netherlands by:

  • Increasing the competitiveness of the Netherlands for R&D investments;
  • Providing timely access of biopharmaceutical innovation at a fair price.

With this health care companies substantially contribute to employment & wealth and enable patients to live healthier, longer lives.


Ad Antonisse (Chair)
Director Market Access & External Affairs

Mariel Croon
Manager External Communications & Public Affairs

Hogan Lovells International
Alexander Roussanov
Counsel Life Sciences

Lyne Biewinga
Director Memberships


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